EGR Valves

The EGR valve adds exhaust gas to the intake, which takes up some volume from the air. Less air in the cylinder means that the temperature of combustion is reduced.

This helps reduce the emission of NOx and thereby protect the environment particularly in cities and long drives.

We offer a broad range of EGR valves and we cover more than 95% of the vehicles with EGR systems running on the European roads. Our remanufactured EGR valves have proven to be a reliable product with a high quality and long life-span.

Plug and Play

All our EGR valves are delivered with gaskets; ready for mounting the unit.

Test and Quality

Each individual EGR is disassembled and evaluated to see if the unit can be remanufactured to meet the OE standards and specifications. We perform end of line tests and durability tests according to OE specifications.


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