Brake Calipers

The brake calipers on your car are key components of the brake system - and a major part of the safety system. The main purpose of the brake caliper is to transform the pressure in the brake fluid to an axial movement of the piston.

Friction is applied through the brake pads to the rotating disc and therefore convert kinetic energy to thermal energy. This will stop the car, but the demand on the equipment is very high because the working environment is harsh, meaning it is a safety critical element of the car that must perform.

We remanufacture brake calipers to the same high standards as OE parts. We have a car park coverage of 96%, which means that the most popular passenger cars and small vans are covered in the program. We constantly expand the program and introduce new applications to cover the European vehicle market.

Plug and Play
The brake caliper is fully adjusted and ready for installation when received. The brake caliper is supplied with grease and washer when applicable.

Test and Quality
Each brake caliper is tested and inspected individually using both high- and low-pressure tests. For hand brake calipers the handbrake function is additionally tested. Both aluminum and cast iron cores are inspected according to our strict criteria to make sure that both function and visual appearance of the finished products matches our high requirements.

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